Just a girl, dying in the dark. (vasco_de_gamma) wrote in can_cel,
Just a girl, dying in the dark.

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Poetry in Motion

pleasing_tint and I saw documentary filmmaker Ron Mann in Soundscapes on Saturday night.
Didn't get a look at what he was buying.
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I have a Grobschnitt record. I remembered it and p;layed it last wekk...I was going to mention it to you but forgot. Weird. It's just self titled on Brain records. I bought it at the record show thing, like, five years ago.

Ron Mann's 'Grass' was boring, just like potheads.
Solar Music and Solar Music Live are the only really good ones I hear. I find it hard to believe though because those two are so good.

Poetry in Motion was inspirational. Burroughs, Giorno, Ginsberg and his punk band...
Do you think he and Woody blew a doob at the fest?c
All those film types. Smoke pot.
I'm smoking some right now!
I coulda smoked a bone with Billy Newton Davis once but he's never done anything in the movies so I opted out. Some other fanboy got high with him that night.o
Fuck, I'm laughing hard.

Now THAT was a can_cel!!!!
I <3 Billy.
so fucking what. i hate his movies.
oh. are we only supposed to list sightings of canadians we like?
seeing as you're in this aggressive mood, i think you should come and see corpusse at the boat tonight.
see you there.
next time i'll choose a less angry icon. corpusse, boat, what, where?
i'll make a post about it soonish.