Dan Redican

My brother works in the cafeteria at Georgian College here in Barrie, and Dan Redican from the show Puppets Who Kill came in for a coffee. He chatted with him for a few minutes and then got his autograph. He signed it:


Dan Redican (The guy from Puppets)

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can_cels that have been showing up at the jackman hall cinematheque this week:

ken finkleman (looking less miserable than usual)
arsinée khanjian (plucked those brows)
atom egoyan (dressed in one of those untucked, buttoned-up lining-up-for-starbucks car-idling-outside shirts)

i also think i saw the old guy from the robocop tv series.
shack isolation

Ron Sexsmith

Ron Sexsmith was having coffee just now at Starbucks at the corner of Homer and Robson (in Vancouver). He was drinking a coffee and writing out a set list. I spoke to him briefly - he was pleasant. He was going to meet someone over at the CBC building (1 block away) in a few minutes.